Biodegradable Nanoscaled Drug Delivery System Enhances Chemotherapy Tolerance and Efficacy in Treating Malignant Brain Tumor

時間地點:02:00 pm, May 25 (Thu), 2023; R1-B1122 Conference Room

研討講者:Yuan Yun Tseng, Ph.D.

May 04, 2023


Malignant gliomas (MGs) are the most common and devastating primary brain tumor. At present, surgical interventions, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy are only marginally effective in prolonging the life expectancy of patients with MGs. Inherent heterogeneity, aggressive invasion and infiltration, intact physical barriers, and the numerous mechanisms underlying chemotherapy and radiotherapy resistance contribute to the poor prognosis for patients with MGs. Various studies have investigated methods to overcome these obstacles in MG treatment. In this review, we address difficulties in MG treatment and focus on promising polymeric local drug delivery systems. In contrast to most local delivery systems, which are directly implanted into the residual cavity after intratumoral injection or the surgical removal of a tumor, some rapidly developing and promising nanotechnological methods-including surface-decorated nanoparticles, magnetic nanoparticles, and focused ultrasound assist transport-are administered through (systemic) intravascular injection. Further synergistic and multimodal strategies for heightening therapeutic efficacy are discussed.

Yuan Yun Tseng, Ph.D.

College of medicine

Chang Gung University

Yuan Yun Tseng, Ph.D.


College of medicine,

Chang Gung University.


1992-1999, M.D. School of Medicine, Chung Shan Medical University
2008-2014, Ph.D. Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Chang Gang University

Employment Record

July 2021 to present : Attending Doctor, Department of Neurosurgery, New Taipei Municipal Tu-Cheng

Hospital (built and operated by Chang Gung Medical Foundation) 

July 2008 to June 2021 : Attending Doctor, Taipei Medical University- Shuang Ho Hospital

August 2006 to July 2008 : Attending Doctor, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou

Teaching Record

July 2021 to present : Professor, College of medicine, Chang Gung University

August 2020 to June 2021 : Professor, Department of Surgery, Taipei Medical University

February 2016 to July 2020 : Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Taipei Medical University

October 2012 to July 2016 : Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, Taipei Medical                       University, Taipei

Research Interest
Neurosurgery; Spine surgery; Biomedical engineering; Biomaterials; Nanomedicine